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Healing and Growing Is the Life’s Work of Us All

My Approach

Person-Centered Trauma-Informed Therapy

If you are looking for a trauma therapist who offers science-backed, personalized therapeutic resources focused on trauma-informed practices, positive psychology, and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy then you are in the right place.

As a clinically trained therapist who understands how to make shifts in specific areas of our lives that are causing us pain, turmoil, or dissatisfaction, I developed my practice precisely for helping clients push forward against the things that are holding us back and make real changes.

It is my belief that your experiences and perceptions are essential parts of your healing journey. Don’t settle for practitioners that discount them!

Who I Work With

I work with women of all ages and backgrounds who are focused on growth, healing and making positive changes.

I offer therapeutic support for clients who want to make big changes, clients who love *almost* everything about their lives, clients healing from trauma, clients who want to understand themselves better, and clients who are fed up with the status quo they’ve allowed to creep into their lives.

What to Expect

What can you expect once this journey begins? Therapy involves a variety of methods to help you heal and grow, including:

  • One-on-one sessions
  • A comprehensive treatment plan for your unique needs
  • Therapeutic assignments to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level using the tools we’ve covered
  • Other concrete tools to support your growth

Get in Touch

I’m excited to work with you! I offer 10-15-minute consultations that can be requested by clicking here.